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Hello, and Welcome to the Duvet Dollars affiliate page.

The Duvet Dollars team consists of myself (Victoria), Chris and Nick, and together we have authored numerous e-books, coaching programmes and mentoring courses over the last 2 years. By doing this, we have set hundreds of people on the path to a better life; one full of far greater freedom, opportunity and wealth than they'd ever previously thought possible. In essence, we've made their dreams come true...

But, Duvet Dollars is something else altogether, and this is why we want you to be a part of it...

The result of months of research and hard work, Duvet Dollars is going to take the internet marketing world by storm... The guide is based around not only affiliate marketing, but also identifying markets in order to develop and implement an online business... (how does it work, i.e. questions and answers, case studies, copy and paste techniques etc). 

Ultimately, the techniques that Duvet Dollars teaches work better than any others that the team have tried before. We can also boast two of the best copywriters in the business who's copy consistently converts, and as a result, the team are tremendously excited about this project, and the prospect of working with you...

Vital Statistics

The launch price for Duvet Dollars has been set at $77.00 with a commission figure of 75% (via ClickBank). The price will be held at $77.00 until the third day of the launch, at which point it will rise to $97.00

Now... here's the good part!

We also have an immediate upsell for all buyers and we have completed testing on this over the last month with amazing results... The upsell is currently converting at 27.8% and we will also cut you in on this as well...

** For every front-end sale you will receive 75% commission and for every upsell you will also receive 75% commission as well, making each sale worth $57.75 - $130.50 to you (depending on the price at time of sale and minus Clickbank fees). **

In short, we have worked out why certain products in the past have converted as well as they have, and we have used this information in the copy, product launch of Duvet Dollars - which we invite you to be a part of.

How Do I Get Paid?

We use ClickBank to run our affiliate program. If you don't have an account with them, then click here now (and read our book again!). They pay out every two weeks, and track all conversions, so you know you will be paid for every sale - and promptly.

Clickbank Affiliate link and E-mails

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Product E-mail No.1

Note: Please use either the pre-sell below, the one above... or create your own pre-sell using the benefits listed below... All messages have been spam-checked to ensure maximum delivery and effectiveness of your campaign.

Product E-mail No.2

Note: Please use the below message as a follow-up to the one above. This message has been designed to create urgency and it also uses the "fear of loss" technique in that an unadvertised bonus and the Free Bonus Chapters will be removed very soon. This messages has been spam-checked to ensure maximum delivery and effectiveness of your campaign.

Benefits of Duvet Dollars

(helpful if you prefer to create your own pre-sell and want something to work from).

Some High Converting Keywords - to get you making Duvet Dollars asap

Sample Adwords Ads YOU Can Use

Earn Duvet Dollars
Make Money While You Sleep
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Duvet Dollars Review
Can You Earn Money While Under The
Duvet? Honest Duvet Dollars Review.

Make Duvet Dollars
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100% Proven and Fully Guaranteed

Make Money Online
$600 - $700+ EVERY NIGHT
100% Proven and Fully Guaranteed

Don't forget to include your hoplink within the advert!

Set this all up using the Duvet Dollars guide that you now have... then you can simply sit back and let the money come to you!

Best wishes,

Victoria, Chris and Nick - The Duvet Dollars Team


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