Attention List Owner... If You Want A Product With World-Wide Appeal... Jaw-Dropping Conversion Rates of 30 - 35% Or More - Turning Every Naysayer Into A Yaysayer And Making You Between $57.75 - $130.50 Per Sale... Look No Further... Because Duvet Dollars Is Here!

Launch date: 28th 27th February - 3PM EST

Hello, and Welcome to the Duvet Dollars pre-launch affiliate page...

The Duvet Dollars team consists of myself (Victoria), Chris and Nick, and together we have authored numerous e-books, coaching programmes and mentoring courses over the last 2 years. By doing this, we have set hundreds of people on the path to a better life; one full of far greater freedom, opportunity and wealth than they'd EVER previously thought possible. In essence, we've made their dreams come true...

But, Duvet Dollars is something else altogether, and this is why we want YOU to be a part of it...

The result of months of research and hard work, Duvet Dollars is going to take the internet marketing world by storm... We are now in the "pre launch" stage and we want you on board to make sure that Duvet Dollars gets the push it deserves... because we know how good it really is, and how much of a difference it can make to people's lives...

The guide is based around not only affiliate marketing, but also the very basics like how to identify HUNGRY markets in order to develop and implement an online business... and it achieves this through detailed explanations, questions and answers, case studies, copy and paste techniques... and the all important Action Lists at the end of each section.

PLUS... We have also included FIVE Bonus Chapters, which we refer to as the 'advanced techniques'... and this means Duvet Dollars is for every level of Internet Marketer, or wannabe Internet Marketer...

Ultimately, the techniques that Duvet Dollars teaches work better than any others the team have tried before. We can also boast two of the best copywriters in the business who's copy consistently converts, and as a result, the team are tremendously excited about this project, and the prospect of working with you...


Included below are two previews that we recommend you take a look at - the sales copy for Duvet Dollars (the basics anyway- the final version is being kept under wraps for now!) as well as the product itself and the pre-launch web video. However, we would like to point out that both the copy and the product are unfinished. This is purely due to the fact that the Duvet Dollars team are perfectionists, and as such we will continue to work on the product right up until the minute we go live:

Sales Copy Preview: preview Duvet Dollars sales letter

Product Preview: preview Duvet Dollars product (PDF)

** Web Video Preview: preview the awesome Duvet Dollars Web Vid

Vital Statistics

The launch price for Duvet Dollars has been set at $77.00 with a commission figure of 75% (via ClickBank). The price will be held at $77.00 until the third day of the launch, at which point it will rise to $97.00

Also, during the launch period, there will be NO DATA CAPTURE device on the sales page... and this means that by sending your list to the page you will in no way dilute your list - you will receive ONLY sales!

Now... here's the good part!

We also have an immediate upsell for all buyers and we have completed testing on this over the last month with amazing results... The upsell is converting at between 30 - 35% and we will also cut you in on this as well...

** For every front-end sale you will receive 75% commission and for every upsell you will also receive 75% commission as well, making each sale worth between $57.75 - $130.50 to you (depending on the price at time of sale and minus Clickbank fees). **

In short, we have worked out why certain products in the past have converted as well as they have, and we have used this information in the copy, product and pre-launch sequence for Duvet Dollars - which we invite you to be a part of.

Dates For Your Diary

Please make a note of the following dates:

Product Launch date: Wednesday, 28th 27th February, 3pm EST
Duvet Dollars will be released at 3pm EST / 12pm West Coast time (8pm UK).

Pre-launch video: 21st February, 3pm EST
We will be releasing a pre-launch video exactly 7 days before the main product launch (you can view the video through the link above). The video will feature lifestyle shots and proof of the income that Duvet Dollars generates, all edited together and played out to stirring music. The tone and style of the video is both inspiring and persuasive... and it should make excellent content for your list. (It will of course serve to pre-sell the viewer for your recommendation one week later.)

IMPORTANT: The video will be placed on the main index page of the Duvet Dollars website, so by sending people to this page through your hoplink you will also cookie the viewer with YOUR link (it therefore makes sense to do this asap). The video will then be replaced by the main sales letter 7 days later, so you can use the same link to send them back to the sales message.

Your Affiliate Link

Note: Your hoplink is where xxxx is your ClickBank account name.

Pre-launch e-mail series (for mail-out on video launch day, February 21st... or before February 28th 27th)

We are going to have a short pre-launch phase for Duvet Dollars, centred around a web video we are releasing to the general public on 21st February, 2007.

Apart from giving your members some extremely good content, it also pre-sells them for the actual launch. Oh, and you can cookie them too.

We suggest you at least mail out for the video. Just send them through your ClickBank hoplink, and they will get redirected through to the video (the same link will be switched to the sales page come launch day).

The pre-launch video has been set for 21st February, 2007. Please use the below pre-sell to send them to the video page (please note this message HAS been spam checked and written for maximum delivery).

If you mail out the above pre-release, you will have a very qualified list, and so your launch day mail-out can be pretty short. For that reason, we suggest using the above e-mail. If you just want to send out a single mail-out and not bother with the video (ill advised, but it's your list after all), then please refer to the standard pre-sell (above).

Otherwise please send out the "video pre-sell" above on the 21st February, and then a  short follow-up on launch day.

Product Launch E-mail No.1

Note: Please use either the pre-sell below, the one above... or create your own pre-sell using the benefits listed below... All messages have been spam-checked to ensure maximum delivery and effectiveness of your campaign.

Product Launch E-mail No.2

Note: Please use the below message as a follow-up to the one above. This message has been designed to create urgency and it also uses the "fear of loss" technique in that an unadvertised bonus and the Free Bonus Chapters will be removed very soon. This messages has been spam-checked to ensure maximum delivery and effectiveness of your campaign.

Benefits of Duvet Dollars

(helpful if you prefer to create your own pre-sell and want something to work from).

Contact Us

If you'd like to discuss any details, you can e-mail us at and we will reply as soon as we can.

Alternatively, you can speak to Chris on 011 44 7714 209975 ** please be aware, UK time is 5 hours ahead of EST.

Your Next Steps...

1) Briefly review the product and sales copy.

2) Get your e-mails ready for 21st and 27th February... and get ready to hit refresh as the money pours into your Clickbank account!

That's it! All you need to do is send out the pre-sell e-mails to your list providing them with a link to our Duvet Dollars video and sales letter. Then you can simply sit back and let the money come to you!

Best wishes,

Victoria, Chris and Nick - The Duvet Dollars Team


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