"10 Hungry Students To Take on My Duvet Dollar 30% Or Bust Challenge..."

"Would You Like To Learn How I Made $15,354.98 In Only ONE Evening... While I Was Fast Asleep?

Well Now You Can, Because I'm Offering 10 Lucky People The Chance To Set-Up Their Very Own Duvet Dollar System... With Me As Their Personal Mentor..."

Hi, Victoria here...

Last week, a good friend of mine called Andrew - who is also one of my affiliate partners in the US - presented with me a challenge... Well, unfortunately for me (but fortunately for you) I've always struggled to say no to a challenge!

To briefly explain, he called me up on the evening of the launch of Duvet Dollars after I'd sent him a text message that night telling him how fast the e-book was selling. I mean, it was literally flying off the metaphorical internet shelves! He was pretty happy himself, being one of my affiliates and someone I'd personally chosen to promote Duvet Dollars for me.

Anyway, he excitedly asked me how much I thought someone could realistically make in the space of a month from my Duvet Dollar system, and I instinctively replied, "$2,500".

"$2,500 from scratch, with no experience?" he said. "Yeah, no problem", I replied... suddenly realising exactly where the conversation was headed.

"So presumably you think they'd be able to make $5,000 in only two months then?" "Yep" I answered. "Do you want to put your Duvet Dollars where your mouth is then Vickie?" he said down the phone, no doubt with a little grin on his face...

And there it was... The challenge was set. I couldn't go back on my boast and I wondered what the heck I'd let myself in for. But at the same time I knew I could do it. I'd made more than that myself when I'd first started out and I was confident that the right person could make that sort of money in that kind of timescale... couldn't they?

So once we'd ironed out the details of our little wager, we decided that it constituted the following:

I was allowed to choose any 10 students I wished, as long as they had no obvious skills and experience in the internet business. We defined 'no obvious skills and experience' in terms of their earnings, so only people who had made $2,000 or lower online, were eligible to sign up.

Out of the 10 students selected, at least 3 of them HAD to pull in $5,000 using ONLY the Duvet Dollars system, and it had to be done within 2 months.

I was not allowed to pick anymore than 10 students. To check that I wasn't trying to bend any rules, Andrew would act as my business partner, checking the amount of people signed up to my mentoring course, and helping me to decide exactly who they would be. (Many arguments followed!)

Anything less than at least 3 students making $5,000 in two months... and I would fail the challenge.

If I tried to deceive him and select more than 10 students... I would fail the challenge.

If I chose people with 'obvious skills and experience' of the industry... I would fail the challenge.

Now then, I've decided not to reveal the extent of the wager. The exact figure is known only by myself and Andrew... but believe me when I say... I really really want YOU to succeed.

So, if this sounds like your dream ticket... or you'd like to help me prove Andrew wrong... then please enter your details below and myself or one of my team members will get back to you with the full details of how I can mentor you as soon as possible...

However, I just know that I'm going to be inundated with requests for this... so what I've done is to include a number of Qualifying Questions.

Basically, I want to know why you think you deserve to one of my 10 students... because I don't want everyone to know how to do this... and I also want to know that you're prepared to work with me and give it your all!

If you're selected, you will soon be receiving checks in the mail... and automated payments just like these:

Please complete the form below NOW... to see if you will be chosen as one of my 10 "30% or Bust" mentoring students... I've had to include this form because I want to be sure that you have the right attitude I'm looking for and are completely dedicated to achieving $5,000 in 2 months. This is serious for me so I don't want to work with people who will give anything less than 100%.

 * Your Full Name
* Your Primary Email
* Primary phone No:
* State/County
* Country

Your Qualifying Questions....


1.) Tell me why you think you'll be able to make $5,000 in only 2 months...
2.) Have you any previous experience of internet marketing? (Please be as honest as you can.)
3.) Have you got anything set-up on the Internet at the moment?
4.) How would you describe your Internet skills?


* Indicates a required field.


Best wishes,


P.S. I can only take on 10 people at this time, so please be quick to secure your place... This page will be taken down as soon as the 10 (qualified) student places have been secured.


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